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(and it sounds so good, it sounds so nice)
come down to my block,come around my way
that's where the players play
do what you wanna do
fill up your cup with gin and juice
we'll give you what you need
where are all the g-u-e-s-t-s
(on my block)
i think it's plain to see, it's definitly the place to be
this sun is beaming
another saturday
it's time to kick it
and blow my cares away
nobody trippen
just tryin' to have some fun
and if you need some
got drinks for everyone
this is your chance tonite
everything's goin' to be alright
it's our big superstore
it's time to drink some more
come take a ride with me
in a big black truck
and all of you player haters
won't you get off my nuts
i know a place you can go
and meet everybody i know
it's got all things a player likes
like sunshine and straight thighs
we can play everyday
it's summertime baby(summertime baby)
i wanna play i wanna stay
in case you didn't know
so bring some coney isle
we're going to have a real good time
hey, and you can't have none of mine
all you ladies bring your friends
gotta pool, let's throw them in
it's going down tonight...
everything's gonna be alright
let's hit the store
it's time to drink somemore

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