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I Will show You Mine


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chewy bubbilicous and coco-pop
got you on my mind and it just won't stop
tilt-a-wirl baby girl, slip and slide
we can swing it left,cause i think you're fly
you got the curves,the sway
i can't look away
girl,you got my pure devotion
with every move you make
i'm so hard i could break
girl you're poetry in motion
ooh, baby you know you're driving me crazy
but tongiht, i'm watching, every dream i have come true
you say i will show you mine, if you will show me yours
and one by one,we're throwing all our clothing on the floor
you say, don't blow out the candles cause i want to see you
and suddenly you're naked standing right in front of me
(baby i see you)
you got the mouth, the lips
girl i pick to kiss
all your bodys made for pleasure
you make me feel like a man should feel
like a man of steel you've got a hidden treasure
pop rock baby you don't stop,we got this
i met her on the L train,radiator hotness
orange tootsie pop, and colgate smile
visions in my mind of me and her getting wild
shimmie-coco-pop boogie down fluffer nutter
if you get with me then there could never be another
come on everybody, lets all get down
i need a real love baby, won't you please come round

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