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I'm Broke


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I ain't no joke
so you should get a pen
and write yourself a little note
so you don't forget again
when it comes to cash
i've been getting smoked
lendin out my money now i'm broke
somebodies getting choked
cuz now its time to pay the piper
bums are the type of shit thats in a diaper
don't make me have to call a sniper
and whip your brains off my winshield wiper
you dirty bug
as soon as I get paid they come in masses
theres someone givin classes
on kissin peoples asses
unless your living where the trash is
don't even come around here
asking where my cash is
i'm broke
i'm broke
i ain't no joke
i'll say it once again
if I get provoked 
there'll be knuckles on your chin
some people never learn
borrowin from me
you might regret it
for one i ain't no bank
and you got shitty credit
as soon as I get paid
they're comin out the woodwork
take your ass and get a job 
like you should jerk
unless you're living where the trash is
but your not 
so find anotherspot where the cash is
i'm broke
i'm broke
gimme back my money 
you said you'd pay me back
i'm broke 
and for that 
you deserve a smackin for slackin
now people say i'm a slacker
if i'm a slacker 
its through the eyes of the ones that are blind!!(5x) 

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