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Fly With Me


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So won't you fly with me
I want to make you feel alright
Alright with me
Let me mend your broken wings
And set you free girl
It's alright
Girl can't you see

Let me take you to a place
That you've never seen
Never been on a dream
Where I can take away your love your pain
Girl I promise that you'll never hurt again
And I can make you feel the world belongs to you
You're the one all I need
And you know that it's true


Let me turn your night to day
Let me be the one to bring in the sun
I know it must be hard for you to see things clear
But baby, you've got nothing to fear
Together we can touch the moon and kiss the sky
Make you feel how I feel when I look in your eyes oh yeah


All i need in my life
Is you at my side girl
Let me be the one
To hold you close
Your hand in mind girl
And together we'll fly


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